Al principio

Okay. As you undoubtedly know if you’re reading this sentence (shockingly, I haven’t had time to indulge in extensive viral marketing yet), I’m moving to Colombia on January 4th. Yay! This is all very exciting, not least because I don’t have to deal with shoveling out my car for at least another 12 months. And I guess there are some other good reasons, too: the experience of living in a foreign country, working to help improve part of an educational system, continuing to practice my Spanish, and, uh, drinking a lot of coffee. Even more coffee than usual. But mostly, it’s the shoveling thing.

As would any other good little American spending some time abroad, I’m going to be keeping a blog for the general edification of the public, as well as for my own nefarious purposes (i.e. demonstrating to potential employers upon my return that I haven’t forgotten how to write in English over the course of the year). I’m going to try as hard as humanly possible to avoid the horrible cliche tourist-blog trap of “LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT THIS THING I DID THIS WEEK ISN’T MY LIFE SO EXOTIC AND EXCITING ZOMG LANGUAGE BARRIERS!”

Nope. That is not my thing. I mean, language barriers and all, sure, but I’m going to attempt to adhere as much as I can to the kind of writing and stories that make me a good journalist, as opposed to simply the kind of stories you want to get me drunk so I’ll tell you (although I’m sure there will be a few of those, too. But you’ll have to come visit me to hear them. That’s what we in the business call ‘leverage’). So don’t expect too much about my struggles with culture shock, or how I feel about eating some weird food — there are plenty of travel blogs out there that can tell you all about it. Instead, I hope to entertain you with some interesting stories (and even photos! Because I have a snazzy camera now!) about life in Colombia. Not just my life — just life.

We’ll see how it goes. Pa’ adelante.


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