Costeño Photo Safari, Part One

Three things I learned during my visit to the Colombian coast:

1. It can be so humid that your camera lens steams up and makes it look like you took all your photos while standing in a sauna. Which actually isn’t terribly inaccurate.

2. Riding on a bus with about five dozen baby chickens as fellow passengers can be quite distracting. Also, adorable.

3. When it’s hot out, the only things I want are ice cream and micheladas (see photo #8 for tasty explanation). Cartagena is excellent at satisfying both of these desires. It’s also really good at scraping all of the skin off your knee with its rocky stairs if you aren’t careful where you’re walking. But that’s a different story.

Let’s just look at some nice pictures instead of thinking about my bloody knees, okay?

1 thought on “Costeño Photo Safari, Part One

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