The 10 Weirdest Search Terms That Have Led People to My Blog

One of the great joys of having a blog is looking at the search terms that lead people to said blog. This is partly just because of that nosy desire we all have to see the weird crap that other people Google when they think nobody is looking, but it’s also pretty hilarious to see what searches Google thinks are relevant to my life and/or dubious expertise. Many of them make some sort of sense — people are looking for information about Colombia, or travel, or peanut butter, or delicious micheladas. A surprising number of people are highly interested in Jet chocolate (although at least one searcher thinks it tastes bad). These are the normal ones.

But I can promise you, they are not all normal. I don’t want to keep the fun details to myself, so here, for the world’s enjoyment, are the weirdest search terms that have led people to stumble upon my humble blog, in order from strange to extremely strange (and these are just from the last 90 days! We can keep going forever!). Hope none of you lovely folks are reading this right now — but if you are, hey, thanks for stopping by! Hope I can help!

  1. “i’m not one for goodbyes” — this is what I get for writing blog posts that start like a bad emo song. My bad.
  2. “feliz cumpleanos boo” — this sounds like the world’s worst Chris Brown song
  3. “cupcake trends 2012” — new trend: EVERYONE JUST CALM THE FUCK DOWN ABOUT THE CUPCAKES. Sex and the City ended like five years ago. Jesus.
  4. “how can i talk about myself” — get a blog!
  5. “ryan gosling eating pizza” — actually, I don’t know why we aren’t ALL googling this, all the time. I’m happy that somehow Google sees fit to connect me to the Baby Goose. First the internet, then real life! That’s how these things work, right?
  6. “things colombian women like” — um, oh gosh, why don’t you try asking A PERSON INSTEAD OF THE INTERNET?
  7. “geography of peanut butter” — THREE PEOPLE searched for this! We should probably be friends. I feel like we’d have a lot in common, even though I don’t really understand the question.
  8. “farewell to a difficult boss who is leaving” — I can only assume this is related to my post about cake.
  9. “peanut butter sandwich of inequality” — is there something they didn’t teach me in history class?
  10. and, my very favorite: “does wearing heels guarantee getting fucked” — I’m not even going to TOUCH this one. Apparently the great Search Engine Gods think I know the answer, though. Methinks I need to go revise my SEO terms. Or consider a career change.

Honorable mention goes to: “can you wear heels everywhere,” “ten personal questions,” the name of one of the other volunteers on my program and “where to buy fresh fruit smoothies fast food cumming ga.” Hope you figured that one out, hungry Georgia resident! And stop stalking the other people on my program, Internet creepers.

We’ll check back in a few months from now to see if you people have managed to get any weirder. Good luck beating #10, though.

14 thoughts on “The 10 Weirdest Search Terms That Have Led People to My Blog

    • On the stats page for your blog, there’s a box that tells you the search terms used by people who have then clicked on your blog. If you look at the summary page, it’ll tell you ALL OF THEM EVER. It’s pretty entertaining, but also clearly a rabbit hole of strangeness.

      • I found this page when I was searching about how to do this. I can’t find a stats page on my blog (it’s self hosted wordpress). Can you lmk where it is? Or, I’m wondering if it’s theme specific (I have thesis). Thank you! Very funny post too!

      • Hi Stacie! Thanks for checking out my blog — glad you enjoyed reading it! I don’t think the stats page should be theme-specific, since you get to it through your dashboard. To find your search terms, go to the little “W” icon in the top left corner when you’re in your blog dashboard/admin. A menu drops down and “Stats” is the fourth row. Click on that and you’ll go to your stats page. To see what people are searching, go to the “Search Engine Terms” box on the stats page and click on “Summaries,” which will take you to a list of the search terms people have used lately to find your blog. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks Natalie, but I don’t get that menu–my W just had generic WP (like about wordpress, documentation, suppost forum, etc). Not sure why (seems you are self-hosted too). Anyway, I did find a way to do it via Google analytics but it sure would be more convenient to have access via the dashboard. Thank though, I appreciate the fast response!

  1. : ))) that’s too funny! The favorite one that brought someone to my blog was ; ” Do the oscar winners have sex in the after party? ” : ))

  2. Love it, I thought about keeping track of these too but some of them are so sick – it really is a window into what people type into google eh? A regular one I get is… How do you speak Colombian? Colombian?? Is that a language now? Also ‘sex in flip flops’. You work that one out!

    • Hahaha! They can be a bit terrifying — like peeking into the dark, weird corners of people’s minds. There are definitely some times I wish I didn’t know all of the bizarre stuff people want to look for. Or that people are so dumb they think “Colombian” is its own language. I guess maybe you just say “chévere” every other sentence?

      And I knew people had foot fetishes, but flip flops seem a bit specific. Don’t you think they’d just end up getting kicked off anyways? Clearly people are not at their most logical when googling…

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