50 Whole People Like Me!

Just added my 50th WordPress.com follower! Thanks for making a gringa gal feel loved, y’all! I’ll continue to do my best to keep you all entertained, even if it requires some minor public embarrassment (who am I kidding, I do that on my own, regardless of audience size). Thank you all for reading!

4 thoughts on “50 Whole People Like Me!

  1. Hey!

    This is an absolute rarity for me, I almost never visit travel blogs even less comment on them.. but somehow I wandered onto yours and I found it terrifically funny, from your piece on papas criollas to your experience on busetas, it made me wax nostalgic. I live in London now, which has little in common with my hometown of Bogotá, except for the weather (better there anyways) and I suppose some of the architecture you find in and around Chapinero. But the reason I am posting is because of your love for Villa de Leyva. You might be back in Boston but you may still be wanting to return there. My father, many years ago, began what is now a beautiful vineyard that is open to tourists and offers you a full tour of the wine-making process (including the wine cellar) that I’m sure you would enjoy. The farm is called Ain Karim, the wine Marqués de Villa de Leyva, it is veery close to V de L, you keep going on the same road from the Fósil towards the Ecce Homo convent (I recommend it as well, there is also an amateur astronomy lab next to it btw) and you make a right right after the big sprawling flower nursery… there are plenty of signs & you can also ask at any V de L hotel. Btw since you are a foodie you would love the French patisserie in V de L which is slightly out of the way but excellent, just keep going up on the road that abuts the hospital or ask around. It has franco-colombian combinations like a French tart with feijoas, which is superb. For that matter you can also try patisserie Michel in Bogota (the orig one is on Calle 83 & Cra. 13) I think Michel retired now but the pastries, “pastel de pollo” and “cachitos de jamón” are
    still great. Kudos and happy travels! JP

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, and for all the great recommendations! I’ll definitely have to check out the farm next time I’m out in Villa de Leyva — it sounds wonderful. I hope all is well in London – it’s been raining here for the past few weeks, so I imagine the weather feels just like where you are!

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