OISA: Chivas

This week, in my other writing gig over at Only In South America, I explain chivas — Colombia’s answer to the party bus, and the cause of this one time I thought I witnessed my friend die. Don’t drink and try to step out of a moving vehicle, kids.

Arts & Crafts (& Sheep)

A friend of mine runs a pretty cool local-based travel company here in Colombia, and about a month ago I got to hitch a ride with one of his trips. Our group spent a few days in the Altiplano — learning how to make pottery in Ráquira, shearing sheep on a farm outside of Villa de Leyva, wearing silly hats, and even finding time in between to play a little tejo and eat a bunch of empanadas. And then I wrote about it for their blog. A bit of a different perspective, or at least a different blog background, to change things up a little.


For those of you who still don’t believe my account of the bizarre mood swings of Bogotá weather, Vicki over at the excellent Banana Skin Flip Flops has a post that pretty much perfectly sums it up. I may or may not have also refused to buy an umbrella for like a solid month, on the principle that eventually I would win and Bogotá would realize it needed to stop raining so much. Obviously, I lost.

Also, you should probably just check out her blog anyways, if you have any interest in Latin America/cool photos/a healthy bit of sass with your travel stories. It’s definitely a worthwhile read.