School updates and vague threats

YOU GUYS. January 4th is exactly one week from today. I leave in seven days. Woah.

Way back in the spring, when I was applying for this program, 2012 seemed miles away (fortunately, since I was in no mood to be seriously considering the advent of the looming apocalypse. But I digress). But now it’s here, perched just four days away from me, waiting. Needless to say, I have packed exactly nothing, although I do have a cardboard box sitting on the floor in my room, designated for “things I need to remember to bring.” So that’s something, I suppose.

In other news, I got my school assignment a few days ago — it’s a small, semi-private school waaaayyyyy up in one of the northernmost neighborhoods of Bogotá. It also starts at 7 a.m., so that’s going to be a party. I hope for the sake of my relationship with my students that I don’t have any classes first thing in the morning, or we are not going to be friends. It seems like a pretty cool school, though — there’s a strong focus on the arts and significant emphasis on bilingual education, which means I might even feel useful! Fancy that! The school is fairly small, as well, with less than 900 students across grades K-12, so I’m excited about the small class sizes. Hopefully I’ll get to know most of my students pretty well, rather than resorting to calling them “Hey you, in the blue shirt.” Although if I don’t know their names, I can never get them in trouble, so there might be some benefit to anonymity, after all.

In any case, for all of you here in Boston: You have exactly six days to confess your love to me, buy me a drink or do anything else you’ve been putting off all year. Because when I stay in South America forever, you’ll be sorry you didn’t do it before I left. Consider this your final warning.

Geography lessons

So, it’s Bogotá! Word came down from on high this week, and in exactly 17 days, I’ll begin waging my campaign to convince Bogotá that it wants to be my home. It’s hard for me to express how excited I am about this, and even harder for me to say with certainty why I’m excited. Or, more accurately, I don’t yet have the slightest idea of ALL the reasons I should be excited, and I won’t know them until I’m there. Or maybe even until I leave and start to figure out what I miss.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. The point is: BOGOTÁ! For those of you who failed seventh-grade geography, that’s the capital of Colombia, home to about 8 million people and perched way up in the Andes, right about in the geographic center of the country. As an unabashed city girl who’s never lived more than 8 miles from a major urban center in my life (and has no intention of doing so anytime in the immediate future), I couldn’t be more thrilled about my placement. I can’t wait to get lost in Bogotá, and even more than that, I can’t wait until I’m at the point where I stop getting lost and begin to actually know where I am.

If you need me, I’ll be spending the next two and a half weeks dreaming about mountains.