As I imagine may be true of most people who spontaneously decide to pick up their lives and relocate to another continent, this isn’t my first travel rodeo (if this were actually a rodeo, it would, in fact, be my first, as I had the mis/fortune to be born in a place where we value baseball over horses. But that’s a different issue entirely). I take every opportunity I find to climb on a plane to a new place in order to embarrass myself by getting constantly lost and offend locals by mangling their lovely language — and, I hope, have a few adventures along the way.

So I present to your inquiring minds the current list of places my impulsive feet have taken me — updated in realtime as necessary — with a few choice photos for your education and viewing pleasure:

ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires / Mar del Plata / Bariloche / Mendoza / Ushuaia / Iguazú

BELGIUM: Antwerp / Bruges / Brussels

CANADA: Niagara Falls / Montreal / Stratford

COSTA RICA: San José / Guanacaste / Monteverde / Arenal / Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio


ECUADOR: Quito / Otavalo / Mindo / Cotopaxi


ISRAEL: Your typical, cliché Birthright trip: Haifa / Jerusalem / Dead Sea / Masada / Tel Aviv/Jaffa

THE NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam / The Hague

NEW ZEALAND: Auckland / Waitomo / Queenstown / Glenorchy / Kinloch / Te Anau/Fiordland National Park / Wanaka

NICARAGUA: Granada / Lago Nicaragua

PERÚ: Cuzco / Machu Picchu / Lima

URUGUAY: Colonia

And now, COLOMBIA!: Bogotá / Cota / Guatavita / Tabio / Flandes / Cartagena / Santa Marta / Cali / Buga / Ráquira / Chiquinquirá / Villa de Leyva / Medellín / Guatapé / Manizales / San Gil / Barichara / Salento / Barranquilla / Tatacoa / Popayán / Santander de Quilichao / Buenaventura / Valledupar / Cabo de la Vela / Punta Gallinas / Palomino …. and more to come!

In case you’re a visual learner, here’s a highly abridged travel photo gallery:

2 thoughts on “Wanderings

  1. Hi there, first of all: love you blog. Just a remark regarding the places you’ve visited: Antwerp is located in Belgium, not in the Netherlands. I’m from Amsterdam myself :)) and living in Bogota since August…

    Please keep on writing your beautiful stories!

    • Yikes! Apparently it’s been a while since I’ve looked at a map of western Europe… how embarrassing. Corrected it — thanks so much for catching that!

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